GRP laminate design and engineering

GRP Planters

less weight, low costs, complete design freedom…and consistent, reliable, quality.

The main advantage of using Fibreglass GRP Mouldings over other material alternatives is its undeniable strength, due to fibreglass being a composite material made from glass fibres and plastic woven together, vastly increasing the strength of either material by itself, despite how lightweight the resulting material is.

Also known as Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), fibreglass mouldings can be produced in any shape and size, with the versatility of these mouldings being one of their main advantages over other, more traditional alternatives.

GRP Planters

stuart:pease have been manufacturing GRP planters for many years, they have supplied a number of councils, construction companies and smaller businesses who have then suitably positioned them in and around office foyers, entrances and on the roofs of buildings in order to provide a more pleasant working environment.

Planters can vary in many aspects – not only in size and colour, but there is an array of other options available. For example the surface can be finished either in matt, gloss or satin (a combination of the two).

They can also be manufactured so that the outer surface replicates a different material – for example such as timber or stone.

The GRP thickness and hence the strength of the planter can vary, sometimes only ‘planter liners’ are required – this is where only a thin GRP skin is required, this skin is then fully supported by another structure (such as a steel or timber frame) which provides the strength.

However, other ‘self-supporting’ planters may contain large plants and trees and therefore the thickness will be designed to suit the required duty. The blue and green planters shown in the photographs (16 in total) were sited on the roof of an office block in London, and because these will eventually be containing trees they were made from a thicker material.

In addition, because these planters were positioned on the roof, they were made from a class 0 fire retardant material which has ‘building regulation’ approval.

Whatever your requirement, then please feel free to contact us about all GRP planters in fibreglass.