Rollercoaster vehicles

A mainstay of stuart:pease manufacturing output for the last 30 years, the fabrication of rollercoaster cars (such as the Wallace & Grommit slipper ride for Blackpool Pleasure Beach) and themed fairground rides in GRP continues to be a large part of the business in this sector.

If you have a concept under consideration or on the drawing board, speak to the experts and take advantage of their long experience.

Water rides, pools and aquaparks

A natural extention of fairground vehicles is the manufacture of water borne modules. stuart:pease have designed and built floating pods for several popular water rides and would be delighted to advise on the special considerations that these products demand.

The watertight channels and flumes for these features are usually pre-fabricated as rigid sections for on-site assembly and installation. The same applies to water slides, although pools are more often tank lined with impervious fibreglass on-site to ensure good substrate contact and stability.

Fantasy interior & exterior themes

stuart:pease provide customised concepts for theme attractions and parks, with experience in manufacturing a range of spectacular, fantasy, family and child friendly interior and outside environments... including the illustration from Legoland, shown here.

No idea is too outrageous or 'off-the-wall' to be moulded, tooled and fabricated in GRP laminate. See the stuart:pease bespoke product design service.

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A single pattern for the challengingly complex Etihad play room

Etihad Airlines airport lounge play rooms

The image above illustrates a stage in the crafting of a complex and demanding timber pattern for one roof section of a free standing children's play room that can be seen in its spectacular finished form below.

Constructed entirely in GRP, stuart:pease engineers then installed these novel facilities in the departure lounges of several international airports, including Manchester, Dublin and Heathrow, on commission from Etihad Airlines.