(GRP) glass reinforced plastic

strength-to-weight ratio

The excellent strength-to-weight ratio of the material, coupled with its dimensional stability, makes Glass Reinforced Plastic the perfect material for an ever-increasing array of products and construction projects...

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installation & maintenance

safe end to end movement

stuart:pease will manage the safe end to end movement of manufactured items, including any internal bracing or encasement required for non-rigid components....

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Composite Mouldings

lightweight and strong

It's rare for a material to be as strong as fibreglass composite while still remaining as lightweight....

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design and development

define the functionality & features

The first step in all projects is to define the functionality and features of the required GRP components....

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An example of our capabilities

Products can develop from various ways, for example they can be manufactured from engineering drawings, or they can also develop from ‘fag packet sketches’!!

This product is now a regular contract which originally developed from a line drawn on a piece of timber. A client approached stuart:pease with an idea, and both parties worked together to turn an idea/dream into reality.

Whilst it can be challenging at times, it is satisfying to see an idea (in this case drawn with a marker pen on some timber) develop into a successful product!

Please see the photos below:


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